Wednesday, October 22, 2014

African Clothing

Sometimes we just need to put general clothes or Should i say western clothings aside & embrace the traditional clothings, #Style#Fashion#. One thing i love about not only  African traditional clothing but just traditional attires world wide is that they're mostly very Comfortable and vibrantly colored! trust me i love colors they put me in the mood. Well they say "Keeping your clothes well pressed will keep you from looking hard pressed"

And this dress right here really does like hello~ ....! It can be wore in different ways & occasions. In African culture, festive dress code is the best for this kinda dress to emphasize comfort and personal expression over presentation and uniformity of a particular tribe/culture's attires.

This dress really goes well with loafers, African Maasai Slippers, pointee heels and not too much of beads and a hand bag of course.

Shoes : Silver heels (
Dress : Maasai Market (Nairobi Kenya )
Necklace :
Belt :  "LPM" at a department store
Jamaican Earrings : Maasai Market

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